Hi! I'm Don Carlson,

I hope to share some ideas, provocations, inspirations, and maybe even a smattering of accumulated wisdom.  

I’m at a transition point in my own journey – moving away from a long career pursuing achievement and status to a different stage shifting the balance more toward service and commitment to helping those who need it most. I’ll ask your patience as I feel my way along that path. And your willingness to share your wisdom with me as the spirit moves.

Topics you’ll find here vary widely: Capitalism – its limits and uses; Climate change; Leadership; Education; Psychedelic science; Democracy.

My hope is to infuse some element of spiritual reflection in all these topics. And the plan is to highlight insights, progress, and success stories that inspire all of us to come together around shared beliefs and values.
Don Carlson with his daughter at a campaign rally
Democratic reform
Climate Change

Harnessing Renewable Offshore Wind Energy for Rhode Island

Rhode Island can lead in ocean-based wind energy. Despite challenges, partnering with the industry can boost the economy and combat climate change.