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Don Carlson for Congress smiling in a green shirt
In the final weeks of this race, Democratic primary voters need to read and see that Don Carlson, the only open LGBTQ+ candidate in this field, will stand up to the dangerous agenda of Trump and the MAGA Republicans in Congress.
Rhode Island households with consistent records of voting in Democratic primaries need to understand that when he’s in Congress, Don Carlson will stand up for Rhode Island values. Don will use his experience in government, as an educator, and as a clean energy innovator to get things done for Rhode Island families. As a senior aide to two Democratic Members of Congress, Don helped pass legislation to address our country’s affordable housing crisis.
As voters cast their ballots throughout August and September, they need to be reminded of the following:
Passing Common-Sense Gun Safety Measures
Gun violence has affected far too many families in America, and Don Carlson will stand up to the NRA in Congress. In March 2023, Don’s youngest daughter, Ella, had to shelter in place from an active shooter at her college. Don will bring people together to pass meaningful gun safety laws, including banning military-style assault weapons, to keep our kids safe.
Protecting Abortion Rights & Reproductive Freedom
As Congressional Republicans work to pass a nationwide abortion ban, Don Carlson will work to protect abortion rights in federal law. After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Don knows it’s never been more important to protect women’s ability to make their own medical decisions, including their ability to access birth control.
Addressing Climate Change
For twenty years, Don Carlson has been a clean energy innovator – investing in companies to help address climate change. In Congress, he’ll build on his business experience and expand Rhode Island’s successful partnership between business and labor to combat climate change and protect our communities from its effects.
Protecting Social Security and Medicare from Republican Cuts
Republicans in Congress are trying to raise the retirement age and gut Social Security. Don Carlson will fight every day to ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare and prevent cuts to programs that our seniors have earned, like Social Security and Medicare.