Preserving the Fundamental Right to Abortion: A Call to Action

The path to ensuring and preserving rights, especially those as sensitive as reproductive rights, has always been strewn with obstacles. Reflecting on the past few decades, it is evident that the strides made have faced severe challenges, and recent developments threaten to upend the progress that was hard-won.

The Inception of the Fundamental Right

In 1975, when the U.S. Supreme Court recognized access to abortion as a "fundamental right," it was hailed as a monumental step in safeguarding women's reproductive rights. The declaration was more than just a legal ruling—it was a beacon of hope, a testament to a country's commitment to upholding personal freedoms, and an affirmation of women's right to make decisions about their bodies.

Reversal of Progress

Fast forward to today, and we see a disturbing trend. The promise of the past is being steadily eroded by a spate of restrictive laws in various states, challenging the very essence of the Supreme Court's declaration. The shock isn't just about the restrictive laws but the realization that rights, once considered sacrosanct, can be so vulnerable to political tides.

Rhode Island might stand as a beacon of hope amidst this regression, but the fight is far from over. The true measure of a nation's commitment to rights is not how they are upheld in pockets, but how they are universally guaranteed, irrespective of geographic boundaries.

The Quest for Bodily Autonomy

Every woman, regardless of where she resides, deserves complete autonomy over her body. It's a principle so fundamental that it shouldn't be up for debate. Yet, it's a right that's continually challenged, restricted, and infringed upon.

A Distorted Representation

The recent appointments to the Supreme Court have sent ripples of concern across the nation. When three crucial seats on the highest judicial bench are filled under the aegis of a controversial president, questions arise. Especially when these appointments seem misaligned with the views of a majority of Americans, it paints a worrying picture of representation and democracy.

The Path Ahead

It's evident that relying on past victories is not enough. As rights come under attack, the onus is on us, the citizens, to rally, resist, and reclaim. Republicans in Congress, driven by a narrow agenda, will persist unless met with united opposition.

My commitment, as a prospective member of Congress, is unwavering. I pledge to work relentlessly to enshrine the principles of Roe V. Wade into law, ensuring that every woman in every state has unhindered access to abortion.


Rights, once granted, should be immutable. It's a travesty to see them chipped away by transient political agendas. However, history has shown that collective will, backed by action, can overcome the most daunting challenges. Let's come together to ensure that the fundamental right to abortion remains unfettered, preserving the dignity, autonomy, and freedom of every woman in America.